Of all of the places to visit in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay should be at the top of your list. These unique, award-winning gardens are an absolutely beautiful place to explore, or simply hang out in, and best of all – entry is free for everyone!

This stunning park sits on 101 hectares, right in the heart of Singapore and is visited by over 7 million people annually. Located next to the marina, nestled behind the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Gardens by the Bay consists of three waterfront gardens – Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. Bay South Garden is the largest of the gardens and is home to the iconic Supertrees and award-winning conservatories. Bay East Garden is a tranquil, beautifully landscaped waterfront garden offering stunning views of the Singapore skyline. Bay Central Garden acts as a link between Bay South and Bay East and boasts a 3km scenic waterfront promenade.

The Supertrees

The most recognisable and photographed part of Gardens by the Bay would undoubtedly be the Supertrees. There are 18 Supertrees in total, measuring from 25 to 50 metres tall, the tallest of them measuring in at 16 storeys high! At night these futuristic structures come alive with solar powered colour-changing lights. At 7:45pm and 8:45pm sit back and be mesmerised by the Garden Rhapsody – an amazing, electrifying Supertree light and sound show.

OCBC Skyway

Sitting 22 metres above the ground, joined by two Supertrees, is the OCBC Skyway – a 128 metre long aerial walkway. There is a small admission fee to walk the Skyway (adults $8, children $5), but the views are absolutely worth it!

Far East Organization Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden is home to a fantastic water play area designed especially to give kids some fun relief from the scorching Singapore sun. With fountains and water-shooters all over the place, as well as a separate toddler play area, this interactive park is brilliant. We arrived at dusk and as the kids splashed around in the water, the whole area became lit up with different coloured lights. It looked amazing and the kids had so much fun! In addition to the water park, there is also a playground, an adventure trail (designed for kids aged 6-12) and a tree-house.


Located in the Bay South Garden, you will find two enormous conservatories – the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. Both conservatories, which showcase energy-efficiency and sustainability, are unique, spectacular, educational and well worth the admission cost (adults $28, children $15 for both).

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Cloud Forest

Wow! As you walk in to the Cloud Forest, a gentle mist brushes your face and the cool temperature is an instant relief from the outside heat. Right in front of you stands the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, surrounded by lush vegetation spilling out over a 35 metre high mountain. The conservatory is designed to replicate the cool moist conditions of tropical mountainous regions around the world and showcases all of the flora and fauna synonymous with such places. Take the lift to the top for an amazing aerial view then make your way back down via the winding pathway, marvelling at the plethora of tropical plants and flowers along the way.

Flower Dome

The world’s largest glass greenhouse, the Flower Dome is a colourful and vibrant wonderland full of beautiful plants and flowers from all over the world. Unlike many greenhouses, the Flower Dome replicates a cool-dry climate, offering visitors a cool, comfortable and enjoyable experience.


There are many dining options at Gardens by the Bay. From fine dining to casual cafes, fast food to popular hawker fare, there is something to please every palate. We chose to grab some take-away and sit eating under a Supertree as we watched the Garden Rhapsody light show. Nothing better than dinner and a show! For something unique, IndoChine is a restaurant situated at the very top of the tallest of the Supertrees, offering incredible views of the Gardens and beyond.

When To Visit

Day or night, Gardens by the Bay is beautiful and you are sure to enjoy yourself whatever the time of day. I would recommend however, visiting in the afternoon and staying in to the evening. Temperatures are slightly cooler, there are often less people and you will get to enjoy the beauty of the gardens in daylight, as the sun sets, then in the evening with the spectacular Supertree Garden Rhapsody light show.

Getting There

Singapore is famous for it’s fantastic public transport system, so getting to Gardens by the Bay is easy. The most direct way is to catch the train (MRT), taking the Circle line or Downtown line, getting off at Bayfront Station. You then simply follow an underground link-way which will take you to the Dragonfly Bridge and Meadow Bridge, both of which lead in to Gardens by the Bay. Depending on your location there are several buses or train/bus combinations which will take you there too. Busrouter.sg is great for looking up the best routes. For those driving to Gardens by the Bay there are over 1000 car parks located over four different areas. Parking is charged by the minute and is capped at $25 for the day.

Where to Stay

There is an absolute plethora of quality hotels in Singapore. The most convenient of places to stay for those visiting Gardens by the Bay would be Marina Bay Sands, located right next to the gardens. We stayed at the fantastic St. Regis Singapore (read our full review here) near the famous Orchard Road, only a short drive or bus ride away.

The iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Our Final Verdict

Gardens by the Bay is just brilliant! I love Singapore! I love everything about it. I love how easy and fun Singapore with kids is and just how much there is to see and do. But I think I can honestly say that Gardens by the Bay is my favourite place to visit in all of Singapore. It’s beautiful, unique and fun and there is something for everyone. Definitely a ‘must see’ for anyone coming to Singapore!

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Disclaimer: We were sponsored guests of Gardens By The Bay. All experiences shared and opinions expressed in this article are our own.

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  1. This was not here when I visited way back in 2004! It looks pretty rad though. I love the idea of the flower dome and cloud forest- so environmentally friendly!

  2. I spent one evening in Singapore once (New Year’s Eve!) but flew out the next day – this place has been on my list though for a while so I hope I get a chance to see it next time, it looks so unusual! The Supertrees especially. The Children’s Garden looks like a lot of fun, too, definitely a family-friendly place!

  3. The Gardens By The Bay are such a spectacular place – I would love to visit one day. I think your photographs have captured them spectacularly. I like the idea of seeing them both during the day and the night as the trees look so at the two times. I think your tip of going in the late afternoon and staying until sunset is great!

  4. I cannot believe how big the gardens actually are! Eating street food and watching the light show seems so romantic! I think on a hot summers day you will find me in the water park, what a great spot to cool off with humid Singapore weather.

  5. Singapore is so close to my country India. No wonder it is a favourite with Indians. Garden by the bay is perhaps the most photographed destination in Singapore. I would love to visit here with my parents. It seems like a perfect family destination.

  6. This place looks amazing! Those supertrees…I need to see them for myself. I have never even heard of this place before. It reminds me a bit of The Eden project in the UK…but this place is much bigger.

  7. I was here last week…so much fun. It is a place that kids and adults enjoy alike. And it looks so stunning at night, with the lights et al! I wish I knew that it gets so cold in the flower dome…it would have been nice to have an extra jacket!

  8. My children would love to visit Garden by bay. Your idea of seeing at both the times of day like day and night is super as in day we can enjoy nature and in night the light show is amazing. Flower dome is so colorful. Cloud Forest is also unique because of world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

  9. Gardens by the Bay – I have been here and this is beautiful. Your pictures are lovely. I am sure you had a great time with the family. The day visit is lovely but one should not miss visiting it in the night as well. Skyway is fun too but not a must-do.


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