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We are a family of seven (now eight!) – Erin, Peter and our 6 kids, Anna (16), Elyssa (14), Korey (11), Lucy (9), Ben (7) and Georgina (6 months), turning our dreams into a reality and travelling the world!

We’re originally from Melbourne, Australia, however these days you never know where you’ll find us! For several years now we have been travelling nomadically with our children both around Australia and overseas, with the occasional ‘break’ and return to ‘home life’ (wherever that may be), as we gear up for our next big adventure.

We have road-tripped from one end of the USA to the other in an RV, travelled Australia in a caravan, road-tripped throughout Europe and The UK with nothing but a van and 2 suitcases and we’ve also spent some time exploring South East Asia and Sri Lanka. Most recently we were travelling Australia in our retro caravan before the circumstances of 2020 saw us move back to our home state in country Victoria.

Now in 2022 as we re-emerge into the world of travel with our new addition, we are all super excited to share our adventures again.  So far we have been to 19 countries and have plans on increasing that number greatly in the very near future!

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To put it simply, we love to travel and we love being parents (probably a good thing, considering we keep having babies……), so why choose one over the other? Well, we don’t! We combine the two and this is our life! Our exciting, crazy, hectic, fun life!

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People always ask us “How do you manage to travel with so many kids?”. Our answer is simple – “The same way we manage to do anything with so many kids!” In fact, travel is often easier than ‘life at home’. When we travel, we are not drowning in housework while trying to entertain 6 children. They are not pulling out toys, fighting over TV and screaming “we’re bored”, while we struggle to keep up with the hundreds of mundane, tiring tasks required to run a household with 6 kids (or even 1 kid for that matter)! We are together, we are free and we have more time and energy to enjoy each other and the world around us! Let’s be realistic here – life with kids is stressful and pretty exhausting at times wherever you are, so why not be exactly where you want to be?

We have created this blog as a way of not only sharing and documenting our travel stories, but to provide advice, travel tips, reviews and recommendations to help and inspire others considering travelling. If we can do it with 6 kids in tow, anyone can, with or without kids. Trust me!

We’d love you to come with us as we explore this big wide world! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and subscribe for email updates!

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