Bali Bird Park – WOW! We didn’t really know what to expect visiting Bali Bird Park. We had heard very little about it and didn’t know much more than the fact that it was a bird sanctuary housing over 1000 birds. Now that we have been, I’m surprised we hadn’t heard more about what a fantastic place to visit Bali Bird Park actually is. We really loved it! I would definitely put it on my ‘must do with kids in Bali’ list.


From the moment we walked in to the park we were excited and entertained. As we walked up through the entrance, past a beautiful big macaw perched happily on an overhanging branch, we could see crowds of people gathering nearby. We headed straight over and as we began to watch what turned out to be a feeding show, our two eldest girls were whisked away to join in the show and be assistant duck feeders. They had so much fun!


After the show we headed to a large undercover restaurant area just up from the entrance.  The restaurant had a great menu with a mixture of Indonesian and Western food at pretty reasonable prices. We had brought a picnic lunch with us however, so just opted for a cold drink. What really won us over here, was a great little kids play area with toys and colouring. Our youngest three had lots of fun while we relaxed with a drink, and after a while, we had to tear them away to explore more of the park.


Over the next couple of hours we had such a great time wandering around the park. The highlight for all of us was meeting, and best of all holding, some of the most beautiful birds you have ever seen. It was just fantastic! We have never experienced anything like it and the kids could not believe how tame and friendly these huge birds were. Not to mention the fact that they could actually hold them! The staff were brilliant and reassured us that the birds were happy to be held and would behave. To say we took a lot of photos would be an understatement…….








Upon entering the park you are given a map which lists all of the times and locations of the many shows which are held throughout the day. The kids loved these as they were both informative and entertaining. One of their favourites was the Birds of Prey show where Anna, our eldest, was once again chosen to participate, holding a plate of food up above her head for wedge-tailed eagles to swoop down and eat from. Another highlight was the pelican feeding where the kids put on rubber gloves and threw whole fish to a large group of hungry pelicans.




One thing I really loved about the park was just how shaded it was. Very tropical and lush, there are trees and plants everywhere, offering relief from the bright sunshine and humid Bali weather and making walking around with hot and bothered kids a lot easier to handle. There are lots of grassy areas around the park too, perfect for a picnic!


There is also an air-conditioned 4-D theatre in the park, playing 4Dimension short bird movies every half hour. The movie we saw was animated and suited to young children, however the air-conditioning and comfortable seats won us all over!

Included in the admission price is entry into the adjacent Reptile Park. Once we had finished at the bird park we headed over to check it out. It’s quite a bit smaller than the bird park but still definitely worth visiting. There are several enclosures housing various reptiles including snakes and crocodiles, but the highlight of this park for us was the open air area where we were encouraged and helped to hold various reptiles. These amazing creatures, while completely tame, are surprisingly heavy, and it was such a memorable sight, seeing our little ones so excited, straining to hold large tortoises and lizards.




Bali Bird Park is just over 20 kms from Kuta. It took us 1 hour to get there (gotta love Bali traffic) and cost AU$17 each way for a taxi. Although taxi’s aren’t readily available from the park, when we were finished the staff at the ticket office phoned one for us which arrived within 15 minutes.

All seven of us really enjoyed our time at Bali Bird Park and would definitely recommend a visit to anyone, with or without kids.


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Disclaimer: We were sponsored guests of Bali Bird Park. All experiences shared and opinions expressed in this article are our own.

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