From 28th April to 31st May, LEGOLAND Malaysia are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars with ‘LEGO Star Wars Days’. With an epic array of activities, displays and experiences dedicated to the cult classic, the force is definitely at LEGOLAND this month!

When we were invited to LEGOLAND Malaysia to attend a media event including the official launch of LEGO Star Wars Days, I did wonder if (not being a huge Star Wars fan) we would fit in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t like it, just that I wouldn’t win a trivia contest on the subject. After all, by the sound of all the work that had gone into this event, and all that was on offer, I was pretty certain every true hard-core fan in the area was going to be there! Would I stand out without a lightsaber in my hand, calling out “May the force be with you”? Would I even get what was going on?

Well, I was right in one way. There sure were a lot of fans there, complete with costume and eager and excited faces. I did see plenty of lightsabers too. But, not only did we not stand out, we got just as caught up in the excitement as anyone else there. Even when we didn’t know who exactly we were cheering for. The vibe was electric!

The fact that LEGOLAND Malaysia were offering free entry to any child in Star Wars costume, definitely helped in adding to the excitement and atmosphere. Little Luke’s and Princess Leia’s (yes, I do know some Star Wars) filled the park. Their excited little faces lighting up every time a character appeared. A queue for photos would quickly amass and, caught up in the fun and excitement, our children would bolt to join it just as frantically as any other excited child.

The official launch included a media junket followed by a performance by the characters of Star Wars before they headed off on the Imperial March. The costumes, music and dancing were all brilliant. The march included over 100 characters and all of the young costumed fans joined in too. So adorable and so much fun!

We spent the entire day exploring the park, combining the regular LEGOLAND rides and activities with the special LEGO Star Wars Days ones. There were so many activities on offer including ‘build your own LEGO Star Wars world’, a speed building competition in which you compete to build a Star Wars character the fastest to win a prize, and a LEGO Star Wars Scavenger Hunt. You could also join the Jedi Academy where you are trained to master the force!

The best part I think though, was the LEGO Star Wars MINILAND model display. After watching a short LEGO Star Wars movie you could walk through Star Wars MINILAND which was exactly that – the world of Star Wars made out of LEGO. Over 1.5 million pieces of LEGO in fact! It was absolutely incredible. The work that would have had to have gone into it, the intricate detail of every scene and creation, just amazing!

After a day of all things Star Wars, a performance, a march, all of the displays and activities and the many, many photos with characters, we walked away with somewhat of an appreciation of the phenomonen that is Star Wars. The fans, the history, the stories, the characters, it really is quite incredible just what a big and fabulous part of life Star Wars is for so many. LEGOLAND have done an amazing job bringing the magic of the big screen to the park in the form of LEGO Star Wars Days and I actually feel quite lucky to have been able to experience it all amongst all the real die-hard fans!

So, have I been converted? Well, let’s just say while my hair may be long enough, you won’t see it in two buns on the side of my head any time soon. I may however, just have to grab some popcorn and see just how epic this saga really is!

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Disclaimer: We were sponsored guests of LEGOLAND Malaysia. All experiences shared and opinions expressed in this article are our own.

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