When we began planning our 5 week South East Asia tour, there was no question that Singapore had to be one of our destinations. Really, we could have spent the whole five weeks there and not run out of things to do and places to visit, but we settled on 9 days (split into 6 at the beginning of the trip and 3 toward the end). While it didn’t feel quite long enough to fully experience Singapore with kids, we had an amazing time!

Singapore With Kids – Our Complete 9 Day Itinerary

Day 1

We arrived late in the afternoon and headed straight to our accommodation for the night – a hostel, just a ten minute train ride from the airport. Not exactly what we had expected, we dumped our luggage and headed straight out to get dinner. We ate a fantastic hawker centre, something I had read about so many times before and was really excited about. It was buzzing with locals and had the most amazing, tasty foods. The atmosphere was incredible and really made us happy and excited to be in this amazing country. Back to our room for an early, uncomfortable night………

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Day 2

Eating breakfast on the run, we caught the train to Vivo City, a shopping mall on the habourfront, and after a little look around caught the free hotel shuttle to Sentosa Island. We checked in to the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa and had a swim in the fabulous pool before sitting down to a decadent high tea at Sofitel’s LeBar. We then headed back on to the mainland where we caught a bus to Katong. From here we went on an incredible 3 hour food tour with SingaBites. We learnt all about the area, the food, traditions, history and culture and ate soooooo much amazing food. Despite it being late in the evening and the fact that our tummies were so full we thought they may burst, we couldn’t pass up an evening stroll through the streets of Katong before catching the bus and shuttle back to our hotel.

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Day 3

After an amazing buffet breakfast, we spent much of the morning in the hotel pool followed by our first ever fish spa experience at Sofitel’s very own fish spa. Hilarious! The little kids were terrified and refused to put their feet in at all. The older girls would put their feet in but the second a fish touched them they would shriek (so loud that anyone within 100 metres looked up in shock), pulling them straight out. I had a good go but couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. But it was Peter’s reaction that was the most unbelievable…… he put his feet in, then as the fish began to nibble, starting squirming and grimacing and then said something along the lines of “Aaaaargh this is worse than labour”!!!!! And that ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why only women can have babies! The rest of our day consisted of checking in to our new hotel – the fabulous W Singapore Sentosa Cove, exploring Palawan Beach and losing one of our children……. and dinner on the island followed by a visit to the iconic Merlion.

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Day 4

We started the day with the most extravagant buffet breakfast I think I have ever seen. We ate so much that we hardly ate again until dinner time! We then headed over to KidZania, only a short shuttle ride down the road, still on Sentosa Island. KidZania is amazing! We spent most of the day there and still had to drag the kids away when it was time to go. KidZania is a little world for kids, where through role-play they can learn and master the arts of all different occupations. So much fun! We headed back to the hotel for a dip in the massive pool before heading to dinner in one of W’s restaurants. While Mum and Dad feasted on an extravagant seafood buffet, the kids were whisked away to make their own pizzas. After about 5 too many indulgent desserts we all crawled back to our rooms and collapsed in to bed!

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Day 5

The day began again with another ridiculously huge breakfast before we checked out of W and headed to Resorts World Sentosa Island. We had a look around the main precinct before heading over to the Trick-Eye Museum. We then spent a good hour or two going from room to room, picture to picture, posing in the most ridiculous ways, all in the name of art! It was brilliant. The kids in particular had a ball and we were all in hysterics for much of our time there. From here we caught the monorail to the Skyline Luge Sentosa where we all rode the chairlifts to the top of the hill (quite a white knuckle experience – hold on tight…….) and then we raced down in gravity driven toboggans.  The kids absolutely loved it and begged to go again. At first I said no as I wasn’t sure my nerves could take another ride on the chairlifts, but of course, knowing how much they enjoyed it, I caved pretty quickly. It really was fun! After picking up our luggage from W, we caught a shuttle and a train to Orchard Road (known as one of Asia’s most famous shopping streets). We then walked a really long way, lugging our suitcases with us, in the complete opposite direction to our hotel! Needless to say after a very long walk which involved a lot of complaining and short-tempers (sometimes from the kids too……) we arrived at the St. Regis Singapore. The kids were given goodie bags on arrival which brightened their mood, and after checking in to our rooms we didn’t leave until the following day. Peter ducked out to get some take-away and we all sat back and enjoyed our luxurious rooms.

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Day 6

After yet another indulgent buffet breakfast, complete with sushi much to our kids delight, we had a relaxing morning swimming in the gorgeous hotel pool followed by a decadent Italian feast in one of their restaurants. With insanely full bellies we made our way by bus to Gardens by the Bay. This was the one place in Singapore that I had been the most excited about visiting and it did not disappoint! We spent hours looking around this gorgeous, iconic park. We walked around the gardens, then went up to the OCBC Skywalk where, while Peter took 1000 photos of the awesome views, my legs turned to jelly and I spent the whole time saying to the children “stay away from the edge” through clenched teeth….. We then went to the children’s garden where the kids put on their swimwear (I had uncharacteristically come prepared with swimwear and towels) and spent ages splashing around in the waterpark as the sun went down. After drying off, we explored the amazing Flower Dome and conservatories before enjoying a take-away dinner while watching the awesome Supertree light and sound show. Such a fun afternoon/evening! After catching the bus back to the hotel and putting the kids to bed, I had a luxurious bath while watching TV and eating chocolate!

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Day 7 (part 1)

We decided to start the day with a fancy buffet breakfast for a change….. After that we spent way longer than we had planned, packing ready for our next flight. How we manage to spread and disorganise all of our belongs so much in such a short period of time continues to baffle me! We were flying out of Johor that afternoon, so we needed to catch the bus across the border into Malaysia. Fortunately Peter had researched the public transport required to get to the bus terminal.  I say this because it was such an ordeal I hate to imagine how much more painful it may have been had he not researched at all….. After several buses and trains and what felt like a 2km walk, all while dragging our luggage along with us, we made it to the bus stop and before we knew it were crossing the border into Malaysia!

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Day 7 (part 2)

After an incredible 3 weeks in Malaysia, including Kulala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang and Legoland, we were back in Singapore. After disembarking our bus in the early evening, we found ourselves in Little India. We were amazed by the amount of people just standing around. Every street and every spare inch seemed packed with people, just standing around in groups chatting. We were later told by our taxi driver (who saw us coming…… *note – consider negotiating a fare before accepting a ride if there is no meter…..) that this is how this area of the city looks every night. Many shops and restaurants are open 24 hours and this heavily populated area is constantly buzzing with the people of Singapore’s Indian community simply ‘hanging out’! We had an amazing meal at a little restaurant right in the heart of the district, a mouthwatering infusion of traditional Indian and Singaporean cuisine, before heading to our hotel for the next two nights – D’Resort @ Downtown East. We checked in to our rooms where the kids were so excited to discover a treasure hunt waiting for them. After following the clues they cracked the code and unlocked a treasure chest full of goodies. I was equally as excited to discover some treats for myself – it was Mother’s Day and due to a hectic day of travel, we hadn’t really had a chance to acknowledge it (I was treated to a cute Lego kit from the children however)! Waiting for me in my room was a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a note wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. So thoughtful!

Day 8

This day was pretty much completely dedicated to Wild Wild Wet – the awesome water park attached to D’Resort. After a sleep in and a slow start, we made our way to Downtown East – an entertainment hub attached to D’Resort, via an undercover walking linking the hotel to the precinct. Here we ate a late breakfast/early lunch before heading in to the water park, attached to Downtown East. The kids were so excited and it took a fair effort to stop them from running off in 5 different directions. We spent the day going from one activity to another. The older girls loved the waterslides and as there were hardly any queues, they rode their favourites over and over again. There was an area for younger children with smaller waterslides which our three youngest adored and spent just as long playing at. It rained on and off throughout the day but that didn’t stop us – afterall, we couldn’t have gotten any wetter! My favourite thing to do was float around the lazy river. We would all get in and just float round and round the park with the flow of the current. Relaxing and, with 5 kids so easy – try escaping Mum and Dad against a steady current! We stayed at Wild Wild Wet until the early evening, by which time everyone was exhausted and had worked up a huge appetite. We had dinner at Downtown East before heading back to our hotel rooms where the kids fell asleep in record time!

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Day 9

After breakfast at Downtown East and the usual mayhem that comes with packing and checking out of a hotel, we headed to Pasir Ris Park – a 71 hectare beach park adjacent to D’Resort. We had originally planned on hiring some bikes from the hotel, however it was raining and we were pushed for time, so instead opted for a simple (somewhat wet) walk and look at the beach. We weren’t there long before the rain became heavier and heavier and we found ourselves rushing back to the shelter of the hotel. From there we collected our luggage, hopped in a taxi and before we knew it we were at the airport, bidding farewell to Singapore!

I can’t tell you enough how much we loved our time in Singapore. Such an amazing place, jam packed with places to explore, things to do and sights to see. In our 9 days in Singapore with kids, we experienced so much and took away so many awesome memories, yet already find ourselves planning our next visit. Have you been to Singapore with kids? What do we need to put on the list for next time?

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  1. How lucky your children are that they’re seeing all these beautiful sights and at such a young age! I loved Gardens by the Bay, but didn’t make it to Sentosa Island. Did you ride the cable car?

  2. This was a fantastic read as I am travelling to Singapore with my family and young child this December. SO thank you for a whole load of advice! and some activities I can take my son to.

  3. This sounds like such a fun trip and an amazing experience to have with your family! You are making incredible memories with you kids and what an opportunity! I really enjoyed your itinerary and may attempt parts of when I go someday! Thank you!

  4. Singapore is such a clean, well organised city, the kids were so lucky to see so much of it. My favourite part of Singapore are the Gardens by the Bay, your day 6. Your time at each hotel and transport around Singapore and Sentosa sounds very organized as you’d expect in this country.

  5. Wow! That’s one helluva trip that you made! 9 days is indeed a long time but what totally astonishes me always is that Singapore, being such a young country, has such a powerful tourism that it keeps it tourists so tied for 9 days and leaves them with wanting for more! That’s just unbelievable! I have quite a few friends and relatives who keep telling me visit them, but I haven’t been there! Hope to go to 2018 atleast!

  6. Nice Itinerary as it is looks very relaxing and activity oriented specially with kids. Trick museum looks like fun and I would like to try that for fun. Wow, you went to Little India also and good to hear that you had Indian food there. I liked your Mother’s Day, kit so cute!

  7. Wow, that is an amazing itinerary! I don’t know if I would have been adventurous enough to take my kids to Singapore when they were little but it looks like everyone had a fantastic time. I bet they made so many wonderful memories.


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