Australia Zoo with kids – such a fun day out!

Famously known as the ‘Home of the Crocodile Hunter’, Australia Zoo is a popular tourist destination located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Our kids absolutely love Australia Zoo and I’m sure that yours will too! Below are our top 7 tips for making the most of your time there and ensuring you have a super fun and memorable visit.                                             

1. Allow a full day

Australia Zoo is huge! It sits on over 100 acres (40 ha) and is home to over 1200 animals. With such a lot of ground to cover and so much to see I strongly recommend ensuring you make the most of it and allocate (at least) a full day to being there.


2. Wear comfortable shoes and bring the pram/stroller

Prepare yourself for walking! Lots of walking! With so much to see, set out over such a big area, your legs are definitely going to get a work out. Even the most independent, pram hating children will be begging for a rest after a while!


3. Catch Steve’s Safari Shuttle

While a lot of walking is inevitable at Australia Zoo, Steve’s Safari Shuttle can provide some relief to tired little legs. The free shuttle does a continual circuit of the zoo stopping at the most popular points of interest along the way.



4. See the shows

The live wildlife shows are sure to be a highlight of your time at Australia Zoo with kids and I highly recommend seeing as many as possible. They are unique, informative, interactive and fun. Our kids especially enjoyed the otter show and the koala show as well as kids story time where they were each given a gift at the end. The absolute ‘must see’ show however, is the Australia Zoo wildlife warriors in the crocosseum. It is extremely entertaining and your kids will be talking about just how close the warriors come to the crocs long after your visit.


5. Bring food

Yes, of course you can buy food at Australia Zoo. But who wants to sit (or attempt to get their kids to sit still) in a food court eating expensive fast food when you can have a picnic in the zoo’s beautiful gardens. The scenery and open grassed areas are an idyllic setting for a relaxed, energy boosting lunch, as well as a great spot for kids to play around and be as active and silly as they like.


6. Ask questions

The staff at Australia Zoo are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Whether you just have a general question while wandering around the zoo or want to know something specific while watching a show, the staff are always happy and eager to help in any way they can and will encourage people, kids especially, to ask them any questions they may have.



7. Buy your tickets online

There are several legitimate websites selling discounted tickets to Australia Zoo. Purchase them in advance and either print them and bring them with you or simply present a ‘mobile voucher’ on your device at the ticket box. We purchased ours online and saved over $20 on a family ticket!


So there you have it. Follow these simple tips and you’re sure to have a fantastic, memorable day at Australia Zoo with kids!

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