Liverpool is the home of The Beatles and without a doubt the number one place to visit for any fan of the “Fab Four”. The city itself is like a shrine to the world’s most famous band, absolutely brimming with monuments and memories of The Beatles everywhere you turn.

During our recent trip to Liverpool we visited many of the key places that influenced and shaped The Beatles. We chose this time around to do a “self-guided” tour, driving around the city and surrounding suburbs, stopping at many iconic places made famous through their music and the band members early lives.

At a sweet shop near the Beatles Story museum, this Beatles portrait is made entirely from jelly beans!

John Lennon’s Childhood Home – ‘Mendips’

-Located at 251 Menlove Ave, Liverpool

‘Mendips’ is the home where Lennon lived from age 5 until 22 (1945-1963). He moved to the house in 1945 when it was decided that it would be better for John to live with his aunt and uncle than to stay with his mother in his first home at 9 Newcastle Road in Liverpool.  In 2002 the home was acquired by John’s widow, Yoko Ono, and donated to the National Trust. The home was then restored to its original condition and is now open to the public via guided tours with the National Trust.


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Strawberry Field Gates

-Located at Beaconsfield Rd, Liverpool (just around the corner from ‘Mendips’)

The gates at the entrance to the former Salvation Army children’s home ‘Strawberry Field’ are an unmissable photo op for visiting fans. The famous song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ was written by John Lennon who lived nearby as a child and enjoyed playing in the grounds of the children’s home at their annual garden party.


Paul McCartney’s Former Home

-Located at 20 Forthlin Rd, Liverpool

Paul lived at this home from age 13 (1955) and it is considered to be the ‘birthplace of the Beatles’ as many of their earliest songs were written and rehearsed there. Also owned by the National Trust, guided tours are available.



Penny Lane

-Located at Penny Lane\Smithdown Road junction, Liverpool

The famous song was written by Paul McCartney as a response to Lennon’s ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and its lyrics are all about this real street in Liverpool. Great photo ops here with lots of street signs and lovely shops, most emblazoned with ‘Penny Lane’ signage and Beatles references.


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Matthew Street

-Located in the centre of Liverpool

Matthew Street, ‘The Birthplace of The Beatles’, is home to the famous Cavern Club and other surrounding attractions including a statue of John Lennon and several Beatles themed bars and stores, including many that were frequented by The Beatles themselves. It’s worth coming back for a visit at night when the place really comes alive with popular bars, clubs, live music and The Cavern Club in full swing.





Eleanor Rigby Statue

-Located at Stanely Street, Liverpool

Located just around the corner from the Cavern Club, get your photo taken with the famous statue of Eleanor Rigby.


The Beatles Story

-Located Britannia Vaults, Albert Dock, Liverpool

The world’s largest exhibition of Beatles memorabilia. We didn’t make it here on our most recent visit as we were a bit pushed for time and had already been before during our 2010 trip to England, but it is definitely worth the visit for those who have never been. Entry is £15 for adults, £9 for children and from £31 for a family pass. The place is jam packed with interesting relics and interactive entertainment for all the family.

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There are also a number of guided tours and attractions throughout Liverpool including:

National Trust Beatles Childhood Homes ToursThe National Trust runs daily combined tours of the former homes of John Lennon (‘Mendips’) and Paul McCartney (Forthlin Rd). Tours cost £23 for adults and £7 for children with hefty discounts for National Trust members.

– Magical Mystery Tour –A guided bus tour of many of the iconic places including childhood homes, birthplaces, Penny Lane,Strawberry Feild and finishing with a visit to the legendary Cavern Club. Tours cost  £17 per person.

– Liverpool Beatles Walk — A 90 minute walking tour of the city following the Beatles story and visiting clubs they played, places they stayed and much more. Tours cost £18 p.p or £30 for 2 people.

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Check out the list below for some other iconic Beatles Sites in Liverpool. We didn’t have time to make it to all of these this time around but we hope to get back and see them all soon! You can take a guided tour to many of these places, or do what we did and just head out on your own ‘Magical Mystery Tour’!  Have fun!

John Lennon’s Birthplace —  Oxford St Maternity Hospital, Liverpool

Paul McCartney’s Birthplace — Clockview Mental Hospital (formerly Walton Hospital), Liverpool

George Harrison’s Birthplace — 12 Arnold Grove, Liverpool

Ringo Starr’s Birthplace — 9 Madryn St, Dingle, Liverpool

John Lennon’s earlier childhood home (1940-1945) — 9 Newcastle Rd, Liverpool

Ringo’s childhood home — 10 Admiral Grove, Liverpool

Quarry Bank Grammar School — attended by John Lennon and birthplace of “The Quarrymen”

The Church Hall of St.Peters Parish Church — Where Paul and John met for the first time and the location of the gravestone of Eleanor Rigby

While in Liverpool we stayed at the Euro Hostel (formerly Hoax Hostel), right in the heart of Liverpool just a stone’s throw from the Cavern Quarter. 

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