‘Bucket’ and ‘list’. Two pretty boring words but put them together and all of a sudden they are two of the most exciting, promising and inspiring words in the world!

Most people have a bucket list, even if just in their heads. I certainly do, and I don’t think a day goes by without me thinking about it. If I’m not thinking of the places on it which I want to visit, I’m thinking about those that I have already ticked off.


This world is huge and if I was to be completely honest and realistic my bucket list would be pages and pages long. The more I see, the more I want to see!

As a kid, even though my family didn’t travel much besides to a holiday house in the countryside and the odd interstate trip maybe once every five years, I had always had this fascination with seeing the world. I would watch travel shows and make lists of the places I wanted to visit. I would go to travel agencies and collect piles of brochures then sit on my bed reading them from cover to cover. It was just in me, a part of me. I was in love with travel well before I had even done any!

When I was 14 my Grandmother took me to Disneyland. It was the absolute highlight of my life up to that point. My bucket list finally had a tick on it!


After that I had big plans. I was going to finish school and then see the world! But something happened. Actually, nothing happened. I just never got around to it. I met Peter, we got jobs, moved house a lot, wasted money on nothing in particular….. Then we got married. We had kids. We got a mortgage….. Where had these plans, these dreams gone? We barely even talked about travel. It didn’t occur to us to! Then, on October 29th 2009 (exactly ten years after we had met), Peter surprised me with tickets to Paris! And there it was! BAM! Wanderlust reignited!


Since then we have travelled a lot. We have ticked a lot off our bucket list, but still have so much more to go. I guess we needed that period of no travel to grow, to experience somewhat of a ‘normal’ life, to realise what we did and didn’t want out of life and to prepare ourselves for a future of travel and realising and fulfilling our dreams. And working through that bucket list!

So here they are. The biggest of our bucket list ticks so far:


Eiffel Tower




Grand Canyon




Niagara Falls


Times Square


Statue of Liberty


Golden Gate Bridge

Great Barrier Reef




Leaning Tower of Pisa



On the top of our bucket list now, waiting to be ticked off, are:

The Great Wall of China

Macchu Piccu

The Greek Islands

African Safari

Taj Mahal

Mount Rushmore


Loch Ness

Neuschwanstein Castle

Venice Canals

Pyramids of Giza

Northern Lights

Norwegian Fjords

Giant’s Causeway

South Pacific Cruise


Not to mention all the many, many cities and other places we constantly dream of visiting.

Watch this space…….!

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  1. LOVE this blog! And, I’m stoked that there is something on your future bucket list that I have done! Matt and I went to Kruger national park in South Africa a few years back. It was amazing. Unfortunately we only got to see one big cat but he was so close to us it was slightly scary! What amazed me was the size of the elephants. When you see them on the TV you have no comparison but when one walks past your jeep… then you know! HUGE!!
    Can’t wait to follow your bucket list journey.


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