And we’re off! After making the massive but quite easy decision to travel, we have spent the last few months culling, sorting and packing up all of our belongings, organising passports and booking our first flights and some initial accomodation. It has been a massive week of moving, cleaning, and last minute scrambling and we have only just managed to finish packing our bags the day before we leave! But all the stress and craziness is part of the excitement and tomorrow we will be boarding our first flight and beginning the journey of a lifetime travelling around the world indefinitely with our five kids.

We are so excited to be embarking on this epic adventure, and we are looking forward to sharing our stories, travelling tips and advice along the way.

Seven Wanderers

We are a family of seven, Mum, Dad and five kids. Originally from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, our family have always had itchy feet. We have lived in various places in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania and travelled extensively within Australia and to Europe, UK and North America. We have now finally surrendered to the strong desire to be free, to live a nomadic life and to experience life and the world together every day, and we’ve taken the plunge to pack up and travel the world indefinitely!

We are currently in Melbourne, Australia and our first flight tomorrow is to the Gold Coast where we will be staying for 16 days, before the first international flights of our journey, to London via Kuala Lumpur and Frankfurt. Once we arrive in London, we plan to buy a car and travel around Western Europe and the United Kingdom for the next couple of months.

Please feel free to browse around the site, where currently there are some brief summaries and photos of our past travel adventures and stay tuned for more posts coming soon, as we begin our travels. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, or subscibe to email to keep up to date with our journey.


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  1. I am very lucky To have your extraordinary family my guest in R&B . I am happy.
    Mara, Una Notte all’Atelier, Fossoli, (Modena) Italia

    • No, we are the lucky ones Mara! Thank you so much for having us in your beautiful house, we are so grateful for your hospitality and it was so nice to meet you. And Thank you for helping me with my Italian – Mi dispiace, non parla Italiano, grazie e arrivederci!


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